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Default Re: New teen gunman kills 5 people..

Originally Posted by maybeshewill13
And what's the fatality rate? ****ing idiot.

What does placing more restrictions on law abiding citizens have to do with criminals shooting people with guns? I think a distinction between policy and reality needs to be drawn. If the government wants to limit my ability to own a firearm, then they need to eliminate the ability of criminals to obtain firearms. In the United States, a country whom barely polices its own border, and produces more guns than any other nation (we are also the leading importer I think), the idea that placing more regulations on law abiding citizens will reduce the number of gun related crimes in any significant way, is laughable at best.

To be honest, I'm not even a gun advocate. I just don't believe these new restrictions will have a significant impact on the amount of crimes committed with guns. If someone wants to purchase/steal/obtain a gun to commit a crime, they will. Also, if the U.S. is serious about improving gun control, perhaps they should start with placing restrictions on the import/export of weapons, and by properly protecting our borders.

In the end, the United States "war on guns" would, or will, turn out exactly likes its "wear on drugs; a complete and utter failure.
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