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Default Re: Piers Morgan TRULY gets own in this one

Just watched the video and honestly how do you get own by someone that can't talk without stuttering?

His main point was the shooter carried handguns also... well he didn't chose the handguns did he? I wonder why.

*******t op got ridiculed so bad by me a couple months ago, that he went away from the iamgay24 Sockpuppet account until now, probably someone did the same to another of his accounts so he is back to this one.

I'm truly amazed how in 2013 can exist people so dumb and ignorant.

You do understand we do "control" cars, right? Licensing, mandatory insurance, operator testing, serial numbers attached to your name, regulations on how you are to operate it (speed limits).

Can we at least regulate guns in the same way?
Pretty sure the point flew over his head.
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