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Default Re: New teen gunman kills 5 people..

Originally Posted by millwad
People who mention the UK are idiots.

First of all, look at the population density, UK is 51 on the list while the US is at place 177. More people on less area often results in more crimes. Compare UK with a city like New York.

There lives 8.2 million people in New York compared to 8.1 million people in London. In 2012, 414 homicides were reported which is an all-time low since they started to count the amount.

Now compare that to London, the last report I could find about London was from 2011 and the total amount there were only 117 homicides reported.

Talk about crime rate all you want but I rather get mugged, stabbed and beaten compared to getting shot....

Alot of the crimes/gun crimes in the US are committed in low income or "ghetto" areas. Areas like Detroit, New Orleans and Baltimore have extremely high crime rates while your average place is pretty much safe.

If gun control can stop criminals, thugs, gangstas, etc, from getting guns cool but it won't... It will create a disaster like the war on drugs or prohibition.

I also love how our politicians are pushing so hard for this agenda to use to distract the public from real issues.. How about getting the wall street thugs or the banksters? But of course that will never happen!
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