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Default Re: 2012-13 EC regular season prediction game

My final picks in red two posts above.

I think we are all "out" on Celtics - some of us out on Philly.

Celtics will probably make a player move near deadline and I fully expect them to climb the charts.

76ers are different. Even if Bynum comes back the whole offense will change around Bynum and they may not climb. A soft schedule will help Drue Evans et al more in the immediate term.

I was sadly mistaken on my Wizards darkhorse team preseason but I adjusted after I heard Wall was out extended. Doesnt look like even if Wall this team is as functional as supposed.

Pistons starting to perform as I expected.

Knicks / Bulls / Nets seem to be "where most" expected. Atlanta still competative.

Bucks I think are the big team everyone had wrong. I posted a bleecher report blurb indicating how good they were but still underestimated them. Further though they may not be able to sustain their position given turmoil.

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