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Default Re: Jonas Jerebko getting no minutes on Pistons

When CV and Austin Daye get playing time then it's hard to get Jerebko in the lineup. The problem is whenever any of these guys get minutes they have been playing well. I for some reason feel like we're going to lose a few of these guys and they're going to start tearing it up for another team. But since we have a coach who won't play them we will be losing out. We're one of the worst teams in the league. We may as well develop our young guys. It's time for Drummond to start. Maxiell is not a starter in this league. I wouldn't even have him in the rotation. I like the small spurts I've seen from Daye and CV. Let's see if they can be consistent with it. At the very least if CV plays well it increases his trade value. There's plenty of teams that want a big man that can shoot. Jerebko should be the energy guy from the bench. He deserves to be out there.

Right now it looks like we'll end up with another pick that will be from around #7 to #10. That isn't going to help us this year. We need a top 3 pick. We aren't going to land a FA that will turn around the franchise. We need to start seeing what some of these young guys have and then we can assess what direction we need to go in. I never liked Frank as a coach. I don't like what he's doing right now with the distribution of the minutes and developing our younger players.
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