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Originally Posted by Toizumi

Also, what I would like to add is that before you begin an association, you can choose whether you want to have your draft picks as usual (first and second round for each year) or if you want the realistic version. Let's say your team traded away it's first round pick, or is owned a pick from another team, I would like to have it like that in the game as well, for realism value. Now, you can't do that unless you have 30 team control and it's a lot of work. Also I would like for picks to be lottery protected. It could really be a lot more realistic. Also, in the headlines I would like some more rookie info, so you can prepare for the next year's draft.

the best way to do that is to turn on trade override. trade away a meaningless 2nd round pick for the pick your team has IRL.

for instance, if you started a season with OKC and wanted Toronto's pick all you have to do is turn trade override on, propose a trade of your 2nd round pick of their first and force them to accept the trade.

Keeping the picks lottery protected is a different story..
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