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Default Re: Mavs Should Get Mike Bibby


The Bigman that the mavs wish to acquire this off season or a legit post presence will be useless if JET is still there..they need some one who can distribute and can score also who is already tried and tested..
Jet is not a legit PG.. he is some what in between a PG and a SG.

Dirk will be a more better player if he will be team up with a real PG..
Mike Bibby is the best available PG in the off season and the kings are willing to shop him.. I think an offer of JET, GEORGE, probably Croshere if they can sign and trade him and a 1st rd pick will be fine already for the kings..

The mavs might be in need of a low post threat but if you trace the problem, you can trace it back to the PG'S position and distribution. Devin Harris is a good PG but he is more on a rush type up tempo scoring PG.. Mike Bibby is a set type PG that can score and can distribute as well..not to mention he can hit 3's and he is reliable during crucial games. tried and tested already..
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