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Default Re: Which guns did Adam Lanza use in the Sandy Hook shooting?

Originally Posted by Riddler

I started reading the forum too...

All I'm saying is that there is a basic psychology that both you and me agree on... People want to make Order out of Chaos.

You say this is why the conspiracy theory process takes place,...

I lean more towards the PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION psychology.

What are THEY gonna do about it!!!????

Well I think the difference between general conspiracy theorists and say skeptics or scientists is that conspiracy theories provide you with an instant feedback because they develop within a very short time. The Sandy Hook conspiracy began within a day of it occurring. Your average psychology study takes months or even years between beginning and publishing - then it takes even longer for peer-review to take place (where the study is either replicated or modified). Both are explaining something about the world, but the process is fundamentally different. In science you don't start writing about single data points as they happen because it creates confusion. Data may be measured at too low a resolution and needs refinement, it may be unexplainable until another piece of data is found, or it may even be measured inaccurately. It is and should be a long and careful process.

If every time a scientist found a piece of data and they made an ominous sounding video about it speculating what it might be, people would have all sorts of crazy beliefs about what is going on in the world because it is incomplete and likely inaccurate work.
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