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Default Can you people post more stuff to read? My God, this place is dead...

Seriously, post something you lazy son-of-a-b*tch... I want to read about football.

It's the day after the NFC AFC championship games and this forum is dead...

Let me practice what I preach...

I googled 2013 NFL mock draft and clicked on the first link... this is what I discovered.

18. Dallas Cowboys: Sam Montgomery, DE, LSU

The Cowboys hired Monte Kiffin and are moving to a 4-3 defense. Anthony Spencer said he would love to play the defensive end position across from DeMarcus Ware, but that's probably not going to happen because Dallas doesn't have the cap space to re-sign him. If Spencer does leave, Dallas may use this selection to find a new complement for Ware. Sam Montgomery makes a ton of sense at this spot.

I wasn't aware we already hired our new Defensive Coordinator.


make a thread and say something!!!!!
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