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Default Re: Can you people post more stuff to read? My God, this place is dead...

Originally Posted by AboveTheRim.
Don't think that's necessarily the best pick. I'd be ok with it, but much rather see a defensive end get drafted in the first round. I liked what I saw a lot out of Bill Bentley and Jonte Green this year, so I don't think corner should be much of a priority this draft.
I like Bentley a lot. Green is okay. (injuries were an issue so I'd prefer to get a full season at least out of Bentley before we decide on how good of a pick he was) But I get that considering how poorly DE was for the team it would be a solid pick, but seriously the secondary has been an issue since.... Plus the line is already pretty solid anyways. They just didn't get lots of sacks.

Although apparently the team was middle of the pack in pass defense, interesting.
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