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Default Re: De La Soul: Stakes Is High

Originally Posted by L.Kizzle
Mobb Deep is street hip hop.
De La Soul is more what would you call it, political hip hop I guess.

Kid N' Play is Poppy Hip-Hop.

Please - Mobb Deep ain't street. They stay inside when it's thundering outdoors scared and write sweet songs about quite storms and how they gotta "get away" ... they're always like "OK, Havoc, I don't have ballet today, but I can still put on that tutu and break you off a little" *rolls eyes up and down Havoc's chocolate body*

Havoc says, "my temperature's rising" ... and that one day a rapper named Eminem will be a huge fan of Infamous, he'll want to sample Shook Ones. and speaking of shooked ones, pull out that male ballerina deek"

Ya'll into some supposed "street" rappers but you pull up they skirts and you see yeah, they might have a penis, but it's personally intended for male booty holes burning desires from keep within the user's heart of hearts. He likes to cuddle with wood.
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