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Default Re: De La Soul: Stakes Is High

Originally Posted by Go Getter
Shut yo bald ass up whiteboy. Ain't nobody stuntin you. And if I was you love the attention, stop lying to yourself, lmao

No, you've actually been doing it the past couple days. I haven't been posting much lately, but seems now and historically, when I do post here and there, you seem to somehow find your way into my threads, and no matter the subject, topic or whatever you hit that reply button and always have something insulting to say. I mean, it's been an established pattern for awhile.

You're only fooling yourself when you respond with some:

If you're going to do what you do, then just man up and just admit it. It's a message board, who gives a shit? I know I don't give a shit to argue back, it's just not even worth trying to get into some negative bullshit poster jabs. You're the one who's I think some 40 years old, brag about how you have a son and try to be a good father, etc. You know, all that bullshit.

I'm sure he's very proud of his "Go Getter" daddy who be bringing that heat on Insidehoops, lettin' all know who boss, huh?

... just fu*k off and stop following me around awaiting whatever opportunity you can to say some middle school level shit. I'd think you'd be above that bullshit.
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