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Default Re: Lakers Trivia...for whatever it's worth?

Originally Posted by tamaraw08
huh, maybe thats the main reason why Kobe's FG% is really low compared to these great players
Kobe has a career FG% of 45%
MJ just under 50%, would have been higher if he didn't come back from retirement shooting 42 and 45% at Washington.
Magic shot 52% in his career, Bird shot 49.6%
Heck Lebron James is shooting 49% while Wade is shooting 48.6%
in Kobe's last 8 games he has shot under 43% 6 times, 5 of 8 games he shot under 41%.

Yes, it is 100% natural that if you shoot more 3's your % will be lower.

Funny that DFish had a higher % from 3 than he did on
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