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Default Would you continue to date someone that you found out is/was a Stripper?

girl in the middle

Simple question folks. Short breakdown of situation i'm in. There is this broad that works at a store similarly chipotle stuff. She's been working there many many months, and i go there a lot to eat. She obsessively tries to flirt with me everytime, I got the hint and ask for her numbers. She puts it in my phone herself. We start texting back and forth daily.

We party together, whatever. So i started entertaining the possibly of relationships, so i learned what Instagram was ( i'm totally out of the social netowrking game ) and ask for her instagram, so i could be an internet detective stuff. It was relatively normal pics i'd say what most girls around her age post outside a few risque photos like the one above.

It's obvious her 2nd job is something to do with stripping, go-go dancing whatever. I'd never would have guessed in all my time knowing her. It honestly feels like she living a double life. We hanging out together this weekend, im not sure if I should confront her about it?
or should i just want until things get more serious ?

Where are the ISH love doctors when you need them ?

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