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Default Re: Guns don't kill people; violent people kill people

Originally Posted by MMM
An assault weapon ban is not going to limit the ability one has in defending him self. If it is similar to the previous law than existing gun owners will be grandfathered in. Also can't people just modify their weapons so they no longer qualify under the ban???

BTW, I don't support a AWB because i think there are far more effective regulations and restrictions that can be made.

My problem with it is, banning assault rifles will not stop mass gun shootings. So what happens in 2 years when there's another Sandy Hook situation? It'll be, we need to go further. Ban more things. Increase regulations. But those won't help either, because the sad truth is you can't stop dangerous, mentally disturbed people from committing mass violence. They'll find guns to use, legal or illegal, if they want them. And if there's no guns, they'll use a car. Or a knife. Will we ban all of those things? Where is the line?

At some point, we must recognize that out of all the humans, a small percentage are going to be screwed up in the head, and there's nothing we can do about it! We shouldn't take away the freedoms of law abiding citizens
in a feeble attempt to protect us from the small percentage of psychopaths. Banning guns or increasing regulations is just a feeble way to make the public feel better, it won't change anything, except the good guys become less free. That's my problem with it.
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