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Default Re: Piers Morgan TRULY gets own in this one

Originally Posted by Legend of Josh
It's couldn't be anymore unconstitutional to disarm your commonly everyday law abiding citizen, saying something as moronic "only police and the like should have firearms" ... hey you morons, there'll always be millions of guns readily available legal or ILLEGAL! There's no way you could feasibly and effectively confiscate any firearms in this country. There's no way you could stop the importing of firearms (just like you can't stop drugs, same game, different controller).

You take away the average man's right to defend himself from the typical nothing to lose everyday asshole out there who'll have their piece illegally? Are you out of your fu*king mind? If any of you think completely disarming all common citizens you couldn't be anymore ignorant as just fu*k.

Much less protect us from government control.

Just FYI, I'm not suggesting we disarm the LAC...I'm suggesting we make it more difficult for a majority of the ones who probably shouldn't be wielding them in the first place.
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