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Default Re: De La Soul: Stakes Is High

Originally Posted by Legend of Josh
Again, you further demonstrate why you have some IDK, 13 thousand posts and the only REAL TRUTH in all this, is that over the years I've made a fool of myself just goofing off and jackassing around. See, and the difference is you're humiliated yourself on some super serious ass clown levels when you were just too damn prideful and stubborn to give in. BTW, you've done dumb shit like this many times. You somewhat standout for this attribute you have. You take this place way too serious, and just to prove my point, instead of just admitting some REAL TRUTH and say yeah I tend to do that sometimes - you'll just say "where's proof" blah blah blah and everyone reading this shit will know exactly what I'm talking about, including you, coward.

You think way too much of what other posters here think of you, as you've engaged in several topics of discussion over many years now - topics such as rap music, hip-hop culture, sports, basic shit like wold coltures, customs, or just being worldly knowledgeable, and you've shown up and added your $0.02 only to get completely out-debated in just about anything you argue in. You also get racist a bit. You're known to be a prone racist prick douchbag POS just as much as I'm prone/known to be a tomfoolery idiot.

I've seen this multiple times, in multiple genres of entertainment discussions. You've just made an ass of yourself here so many damn times, and I have too, just being an actual jackass and getting entertainment out of it all while you actually sit, get over emotionally involved in many discussions where you go into an almost "rage" like mode, and you emotionally insult almost everyone or anything that is slightly against something you want to be right about, but you're almost 85% of the time completely dead wrong.

This is all real talk. All the way. Any poster here who even somewhat recalls who you are and remembers things you've posted (most of your some 13k posts I'm sure remain drenched with other poster's interest and desire ) ... you just quite simply have some serious anger issues, which might translate into a RL situation where you could be medically classified as mentally depressed. I think it's even more probable YOU are the recipient of something (like "meds" I'm almost so damn sure of it, which is really sad all arguing aside) keeping your old middle aged resident of Utah where the suicide rate is in the midst of the highest in the country from adding to the stats.

You're almost always negative. You never seem to take anything lightly. You're way too boring, stiff and always about "serious business" where it comes to these here internets. You like to talk about meds a lot... I never mentioned a single thing about them, and you started to use that diss not once, but twice even after I made you look like a tool for using it.

For the record, I do not use any type of medication, unless we're talking recreational. Those instances are few and far between these days. I'm almost willing you're on something though. I think for possible depression. IF you are, it's all good man, just chill out and stop being so serious all the time. It's just a message board. You get too serious.

Chrome dome here is mad hurt.....he wrote a goddamn novel, lmao!!!!
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