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Default Re: 2014 Chevy Corvette Stingray

Originally Posted by bmulls
Driving a vehicle is a PRIVILEGE. The ability to defend ones' self is a CIVIL RIGHT. Anything that adds to the cost of owning a firearm is a tax on CIVIL RIGHTS. A poll tax is illegal because voting is a CIVIL RIGHT. A tax on cigarettes is legal because smoking is a PRIVILEGE.

I support background checks as long as they are free. I do not support registration because I see no need for the government to have a comprehensive registry of law abiding gun owners. Criminals don't register guns. Insurance on a gun is akin to a tax.

Furthermore, the fact that a gun is the most "efficient" murder tool is a moot point. If you ban guns, a knife becomes the new most "efficient" murder tool. The knife murder rate in the UK is nearly double that of the United States. Should they ban knives? And then when you ban knives, baseball bats are the most efficient, then hammers, then whatever else you can fcking think of.

Ridiculously childish argument.
Driving is a privledge. But its still regualted. Mainly because of all the irresponsible individuals that abuse this privilege. You continue to act as if owning a gun is your god given right. Its not. And since youre so bent in defending your secind amendment right dont forget that a key word in that bill is a well REGULATED militia. No one is trying to take away your ability to own weapons. But the fact is when a way of life begins to be abused, and then spills over into society, Its gonna be more regulated. Unfortunately, that regualation cost. And the only people who should pay for that regulating, is gun owners.

Im a gun owner myself. And I dont mind paying a reasonable yearly fee, to help curb gun violence. Why are you so against it?
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