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Default Re: 2014 Chevy Corvette Stingray

Originally Posted by bmulls
I've already dismantled this illogical argument a half dozen times. You are trying to conflate the intended use of a vehicle and the reason firearms were first invented.

I said it because I'm wondering why you made that stupid post in here. Like why are you bringing your agenda to this thread?

Murder = improper and irresponsible use of a firearm.

Speeding = improper and irresponsible use of a vehicle.

That's a shitty analogy

Guns are designed to fire a projectile, not murder people. Cars are designed to drive, not speed. Whether or not the gun/car causes injury or death is up to the person driving or pulling the trigger.

What is this shitty excuse of a paragraph even about?

It's hilarious how smug you act, as though you've got it all figured out. Come back with a logically sound argument son.

How about I wait for you to make one first? This isn't even the thread for it.
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