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Default Re: Official trade rumors thread

Dwight, Blake, Ebanks, Morris to Atlanta for Al Horford, Kyle Korver, Rockets 2013 First Round Pick & Hawks 2013 First Round Pick (Top 17 Protected)

Sign Mike Taylor (Athletic point guard who is a one man fast break by forcing a turnover and getting an easy duece) & Paul Davis (Legit 7 footer that can hit jumpers and grab the boards) OR Ike Diogu (Undersized but has a ton of hustle)

Apply for Injury Exception due to Hill being out for the year.

Starting Unit: Nash - Bryant - Artest - Horford - Pau
Bench: Duhon - Taylor - Meeks - Korver - Jamison - Clark - Sacre - Davis/Diogu

Horford plays his natural position at power forward and Pau gets to run the low post. Bench improves as a nice point is brought in to spell Nash while Meeks & Korver hit threes non-stop. Clark becomes a utility guy off the bench, maybe starts at the 3 with Artest being the focal of the bench? Davis/Diogu give a nice backup to Pau in the low-post until the return of Hill, if he is to return.

Even that return is a better one than the Magic got for Dwight.

Now, tell me how much you guys dislike it.
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