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Default Re: The Official Starcraft 2 Thread

Originally Posted by eriX
unfortunately as good as the cinematics looks, the multiplayer so far isn't living up to standards for the release date D:

hots is bringing in new aspects to the game and changing up playstyles. although there are still major issues that will need to be addressed as hots grows (terran isn't different enough, zerg production is awful, protoss are too deathball-y and air is poorly balanced) it's a different game and will bring new eyes and new players. there's changes to be made in the WoL meta but I think it's fine time for hots. even if hots were to release today i'd be happy enough.

plus the ui is far superior, they're adding better features (watching replays with friends etc) and improving.

if you expect perfect balance on release you'll not only be severely disappointed but you're dumb.
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