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Default Chappelle's Show turns ten today.

One of the greatest sketch shows in history has just made its ten year anniversary today. Exactly 10en years ago today, Chappelle's Show made it's premier on Comedy Central. Time sure goes by quickly, don't it? I actually remember the adds for the series premier, the Mitsubishi car commercial parody with the chick dancin. Of course the first episode is best remembered for the "Black-White Supremacy" sketch. I can remember the next day at school (as a tenth grader) telling people about the show. I remember only me and a couple of friends knew about it. Hell, it wasn't until the second season that Chappelle's Show really took off! That's when even teachers were quoting his shit.

Before Chappelle's Show premiered, I only knew of Dave from the Nutty Professor and Half Baked. I don't think I'd even knew he was a stand-up comic. I seen the commercial and thought to my self "Hey, that's the funny comedian dude from the Nutty Professor" and gave it a shot.

Dave wasn't even a household name then. He had just been in "Undercover Brother" with Eddie Griffin, his biggest role besides Half Baked which wasn't huge. This was actually like his 6th show on the air, one show "Buddys" from the mid-90s lasted half a season.

What most don't even remember, Chappelle's Show wasn't the only sketch comedy on the air at that time. Cedric the Entertainer's show Cedric the Entertainer Presents ... debuted that previous fall on Fox to rave reviews (but canceled) MTV even gave Snoop a short lived show Doggy Fizzle-Televizzle. There was some weak sketch show on NBC I think Kelsey Grammer was involved in.


Along with:
The Red Skelton Show
Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In
The Flip Wilson Show
The Carroll Burnett Show
Saturday Night Live
The Richard Pryor Show
Kids in the Hall
In Living Color
Mr. Show with Bob and Dave

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