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Default Re: Return of the Super Sonics

Originally Posted by JellyBean
I will have to take your word on this part. I haven't seen too much of the Kings this year, other than highlights. I know that they have some issues with some of the players. Hopefully a change of venue will rid the team of those issues. Who knows. I do agree with the coaching change though. If we get the team we have to find a coach that can manage young egos and develop that talent.

Who knows what could potentially happen? The new location of Seattle might brighten up the players (Isiah Thomas, Aaron Brooks especially). Not saying I'm right or anything about the current state of the Kings, but that's based on what I'm seeing. I haven't seen half their games this season, but my observations are in the same area as the opinion of other Kings fans like andremiller07; a lot of them are doing horrible. I feel like Supersonics need to do something to get better.

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