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Default Re: Chappelle's Show turns ten today.

Crazy that it's ten years old. I was an "underground" fan of Chappelle because my brother went to see him up in Grand Rapids in '99 and came back raving. Then I saw Killing Them Softly on HBO and it was a wrap.

That said, I don't remember season 1 being must-see TV for me every week. I laughed when I saw it, but if I missed an episode I was cool. I had a friend who was really into it from the start though and when season 2 hit, he was obviously way ahead of the curve, because that's when Chappelle really blew up.

There's still a ton of random lines from this series that pop up in my every day speech patterns. The reference is most often lost on others now, but I can't really control it at this point.
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