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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

Originally Posted by IGotACoolStory
He's the guy we needed badly.

Felton-type recruit in so many ways. Actually the best comparison is to dookie Jay Williams. Not say he's as good as Jay was, but their games are almost identical from the way they dribble, to the way they finish around the rim, to the style of basketball they play at the PG positions. Berry is shorter, tho. He might be stronger, however. He was being recruited to play safety in college.

I don't like dookies, but I will take a NPOY, National Championship winner, #2 pick. Plus he wanted to be a Tar Heel if Guth didn't **** up. That might have been the biggest miss in UNC history, considering what he accomplished for the program down the road and how bad UNC was during those years.

The big question remains: What about Nate Britt?

I know he's tumbled down the rankings. That doesn't mean he wants to suddenly be a back up for his entire college career.

lol @ wolpfack losing to Wake.
After the injury problems, Kendall bolting at least one year sooner than he though, and Sharon Drew transferring to UCLA, I think Roy is just making sure he's never in a situation again where his only PG's are a 155 pound freshman and Dexter "I can't make anything other than layups" Strickland. If you remember his Kansas days, he liked to start and play a two PG lineup a lot. Like two legit PG's which we'll have three of by the time Berry gets here; four I guess if you count White (is he coming back?). I think Paige and probably Britt can play off the ball some. I just hope Justin Jackson commits soon, and we get Vaughn so we'll have some bigger wings on the perimeter who can actually shoot; because Reggie and P.J. both will be gone by 2014-2015. UNC is going to be in a world of hurt if they have four PG's and J.P. Tokoto as the only perimeter players on the roster. We need a 6'5"+ wing or two that can shoot.
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