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Default Re: Charles Barkley 44 points, 24 rebounds vs. Sonics - Game 7 Western Conference Finals

The Greatest Powerforward Ever When Healthy!!!

Charles Barkley Was Not the Greatest Post Defender but He Was Above Average...Especially Considering His Lack of Height at that Position. He Was Great at Steals Using His Quickness Over Taller Players and in his 20s He Averaged 1.5 BPG in Philadelphia When He Played PF. Sadly His Leap Began To Decline by 1994 and He Was Never The Same Again but it Was Amazing Watching Barkley Block Centers and PFs Dunks From a Stand Still at Barely 6`4 3/4 ft. It Was Just Amazing. I Even Saw Charles Barkley Block Shaq From a Stand Still.

Should Also Check Out This Game 43/15/10 vs Game 5 of that Same Series.
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