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Default Re: Keep An Eye Out For: Doug Anderson (Committed to Detroit Mercy)

Originally Posted by IGOTGAME
it was a cheapshot. he made no play on the ball. I've had almost that same play happen and I broke an arm, shit is no fun.
Well, now you've got me giving it another look. I'm a Detroit Mercy fan so I was trying to remove my own bias. My initial thought was to think it was cheap. My next thought was to think that guy was just trying desperately to prevent two points.

I guess the more I look and the more I run it back, that was pretty unnecessary contact. I mean, if that were just another Detroit Mercy guy attempting a routine layup and he was taken out like that, I'm guessing many would agree the force was unnecessary. So maybe I'm with you there.

I'm just kind of bummed he missed out on a prime opportunity for a windmill jam.

Edit: Just found some gifs from other angles. Definitely looks dirty now, with a completely unnecessary grab and follow through.

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