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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

Sure it's great from the UNC side of things. More PGs the better.

Not so great for Britt...

And while it's great running with two PGs on offense, those very same 6-something, 160 lb PGs will have to learn to defend college 2-guards. Paige and Britt aren't combo guards. Not with their lack of strength and small size. Britt's not a particularly good shooter. Paige probably will become one since he was prolific in high school, but it hasn't translated that well right now.

Is the KU two PG lineup you are referring to Miles and Hinrich on that team that should have won the championship? Hinrich is so much a combo that he ended up being one in the NBA too.

I'd buy the two PG lineup if one of the three PGs had the size and athelticsm of Felton or McInnis. Unfortunately one is 6 feet 175 lbs, the other is 6-1 170 lbs, and the other is 6-1. Although Berry is kind of strong.

Just saying it wouldn't surprise me to see Britt transfer before his junior season once he sees the rotations with Berry in the lineup.

On another note: Kentucky drops another
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