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Default Re: The Clippers need to make a trade.

wrong move imo, it could **** up the team chemistry
I know what you mean - and they clearly do have chemistry - but I think this is a fallacy. This is a team that's on pace for an awesome regular season but that has a 0% chance of making the Finals. Not wanting to take a chance on being a *real* contender and possibly having a rockier regular season than you'd like would be the ****up move IMO. Clips won't have all these pieces forever - for example, isn't Bledsoe on his last year? If the Clips win 60 games and then lose in the second round, who says Chris Paul even stays? The Clips are on that level where not to win a title is to fail. And they will if they don't do something.

And as for team chemistry, that don't mean much if every time it's the last 5 minutes of a game, and everyone else's superstars are showing what they're made of, and you've got, besides Chris Paul, a PF who can't play the pick and roll and still ad-libs his post moves, all your other big men are offensive liabilities, and all your best perimeter players are defensive liabilities who aren't naturally off-ball players.

They're all good at catch and shooting; none are great. They're all good at man defense; none are great. They're all good at creating their own shot; none are great. This is fine unless it's the last 5 minutes of a playoff game. But then the game becomes very simplified and it's your first three options versus the other guy's first 3 options. This is what makes the Heat and Thunder so good; everyone on the roster knows their part in the play.
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