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Default Re: D-Rose cleared for contact practice

Originally Posted by SevereUpInHere
Just for Bulls fans reference, Shumpert, who did his ACL the same day as Rose, was cleared for full contact 5on5 on the 7th of Jan and made his return on Jan 17, so Rose could be back in under 2 weeks. Possibly.

Let this Bulls team bust their usual nut in the regular season. Thibs has them on pace w/o Derrick for 50 wins.

Let Rose rest up towards the end of the season. That way if they bring him in for the playoffs, the Bulls have that new EXTRA gear that only the Heat have.

And we will have the element of surprise. Is he healthy? How will he mesh with the Bulls? Has he added an other skills?

It gives the Bulls and extra dimension they don't have right now, and it can take teams by surprise depending on how healthy Derrick is and how well he would be able to perform.
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