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Default Re: Put Michael Jordan at small forward on the Lakers. They win the championship?

Originally Posted by TheMarkMadsen
so if somebody shoots 10 for 20 their not a chucker

but if somebody shoots 9 for 20 they are a chucker

got it.

Gotta use context.

Here are some telling stats (up 'till about '12, so it needs to be updated):

Regular season

Games with under 50% shooting:
Michael Jordan: 489
Kobe Bryant: 678

Games with under 46% shooting:
Michael Jordan: 388
Kobe Bryant: 578

Games with under 40% shooting:
Michael Jordan: 158
Kobe Bryant: 344

Games with under 35% shooting:
Michael Jordan: 88
Kobe Bryant: 207

Games with under 30% shooting:
Michael Jordan: 41
Kobe Bryant: 107

Games with 40 points and under 50% shooting:
MJ: 29
Kobe: 45

50 point games with under 45% shooting:
Michael Jordan: 0
Kobe Bryant: 3

NBA Playoff runs

under 46% shooting:
Kobe Bryant: 10
Michael Jordan: 3

under 44% shooting:
Kobe Bryant: 6
Michael Jordan: 2

Bold is for emphasis ...
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