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Default Re: Lakers will amnesty Kobe, Trade Dwight and Pau...

Originally Posted by eliteballer
because they are unhappy with the system all so we can keep D'Antoni.

Keep thinking that.

nash was really their biggest mistake, which necessitated D Antoni. Nash in halfcourt offense is a complete waste and his defensive liabilities would stand out much more with a halfcourt slow down team. i really don't blame the Lakers management so much for D Antoni since he made the most sense to make Nash fit in and do what he's known for, and i dont' think anybody predicted Nash would be so bad for them in their post based offense style of play. i still don't think its over tho and the Lakers still have a lot of time to turn this around imo. if they ever go back to post based around Pau or someone laker fans should stop complaining about not having a star PG, its pointless having one if you're feeding everyone thru the post.
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