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Default Re: Lakers will amnesty Kobe, Trade Dwight and Pau...

Mike Brown was a defensive specialist. Everyone knows Mike Brown sucks at offense, but at defense, he is a VERY GOOD coach.

So, if Mike Brown could not get the Lakers to play any defense... you know something is wrong.

So what did the Lakers do? They said, well, a defensive coach is pretty much worthless to this roster since nash kobe and pau are old legs.

So let's get a high scoring offensive team, we need D'Antoni! Showtime is back. We can't play defense, but we will score 120 a night.

Except.....that won't happen either as long as Kobe is the selfish chucker he is. That Laker team should be 100% in the hands of Steve Nash, and everyone sharing the ball

Instead, it's Kobe saying "i get my shots and kobe iso's, ya'll figure out how to build a sytem around that"
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