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Default Re: Lakers will amnesty Kobe, Trade Dwight and Pau...

It's not that Nash can't play in the halfcourt. Nash is not a ball-dominant PG, because what he does is push the ball and forces the team to run, and he gets the ball moving. If he was ball-dominant, he'd average 15 assists in that offense. He isn't as ball-dominant as Magic.

Now, you put him in a half-court offense and suddenly he is ball-dominant. You give him a post player who doesn't simply like the ball in the interior, he likes the offense to run thru him. Shaq wanted the ball in the post all the time, but he got the ball and looked to score. And for all I say about him and for all the talk of his hugeness, he was not a dumb player. He was smart enough to move the ball quickly when the double came. Gasol doesn't just go at his defender, he moves the ball around, he makes amazing passes and is a complete skill and cerebral player, even tho he's a good athlete.

You put all these guys together and put them in a halfcourt and you have problems. Howard is the one guy who doesn't need the ball like that. He can get his scores, but he doesn't have to get the ball unless he's got single coverage or unless he's in a pick n' roll. But as he runs around with a stat sheet in his hand then it becomes a problem.

If you get Nash and put him on this team, in a halfcourt setting...too many mouths to feed. I mean, you literally might have to play strictly half-court and have the 4 of them be the entire offense. Maybe Jamison or Meeks off the bench. The rest should be all defenders who grind it out and simply hold the lead. All and all, this was a high risk and high reward situation.
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