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Default Re: Put Michael Jordan at small forward on the Lakers. They win the championship?

Originally Posted by TheMarkMadsen
I love how you talk about putting things into context and then rattle off Kobe's 2000 finals stats to use it against him. If you were so concerned about context then you would mention how Kobe only played 9 minutes in game 2 because he got injured 9 minutes into the game and completely missed game 3.

Also for the stats you posted earlier.. I realize Jordan had a Higher fg% and was abetted player than Kobe, who's arguing that..

But honesty those number can be very misleading.

For instance, "games under 50% shooing" how many of those games did Kobe shoot 49% 48% 47%?

How many of those games where Kobe shot under 40% and under 30% were games from his first 2 years where he might have gone 1 for 4 and then was pulled and not put back in the game?

Not only that, but late 90's/early 00's defense/pace waaaaay different than the majority of Jordans career. But what do you expect from someone who probably never saw the majority of Jordans career?
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