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Default Re: Ewing and Okaley going drill sergeant on John Starks

Originally Posted by Spaulding
It's pretty dumb of you to say "players don't have that fire anymore"

Plenty of guys's just the NBA has changed so much that if you look at a guy wrong you get called for a technical.

How can you say they dont have the fire when there's a vids of lebron and wade going at each other.

Yes part of it is the games rules but it's also that current stars lack the competitive fire of the Bird's, Magic's, Jordan's, Ewing's, Shaq's etc. The last ones who I see that same fire in are Kobe and KG and they are retiring in the next two years. Now it's a bunch of fake humble nice guys like Rose, Durant, Griffin etc. On the court they may have passion but when I say fire I meant the whole aspect of speaking up etc. Westbrook is fiery on the court but a complete bitch with his buddies on the team and doesn't verbally run that team.

I suppose CP3 is the only younger superstar who's that type of floor general constantly in teammates and opponents ears and wants to rip your throat out too. Most of these current stars though rarely talk, never get into teammates etc. Lebron and Wade are best friends so it's a bit different. It's much easier to rip a close buddy who was the best man at your wedding than it is the general teammate.
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