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Kobe= 1st round loser
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Default Re: Who needs Kobe when you got Durant?

Originally Posted by Droid101
I forget, who murdered the Spurs in 2001? Was it Shaq or Kobe?

Game 1: 45-10-3 on 19-35 FG
Game 2: 28-7-6 on 11-24 FG
Game 3: 36-9-8 on 14-27 FG
Game 4: 24-2-11 on 10-19 FG

Largest margin of victory over a 4 game sweep in Western Conference Finals History.

Go take a nap.

Shaq was by far the better player and taking up the double teams leaving Kobe with less coverage. Prime Kobe had 3 chances to lead his team to just one playoff series (the 3 seasons after Shaq and before Gasol yet could not do it....overrated Kobe.
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