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Default Re: Ewing and Okaley going drill sergeant on John Starks

Originally Posted by Burgz V2
there is so much wrong with what you just said it is even difficult to comprehend the point you are getting at.

"Competitive fire" has nothing to do with how demonstrative you are with your emotions on the court, but how you respond to fierce competition. There are a plethora of ways in which this manifests itself in a basketball game and you only used examples that would help your argument. I can name tons of dudes who are just as competitive, maybe even more, who don't outwardly show their emotions or belittle their teammates. If you think that's what competitive fire is, then you've obviously never played organized sports.

Well the kind of fire I was referring to was the demonstrative kind... the kind that holds your teammates accountable no matter the cost. You don't see that anymore, so my point was fair and pretty self explanatory. I never said players now don't have passion inside or heart. You ever think Durant or Westbrook have the nuts to call a teammate out? Because all I've seen them do is kiss each other's asses.

So while the fire may still exist, it's to a much lesser degree. I never tried to imply you need to belittle players. I'm actually not quite a fan of that specifically. If you read about this instance like I did earlier (and saw the footage of course linked in OP) you'd know it wasn't them belittling Starks as much as giving him tough love and telling him not to start shit.

Players used to be so passionate about the game that they wouldn't dream of hanging out buddy buddy with opposing players and rivals. Now that's running rampant. That's the change I'm talking about, call it what you want. I feel like the love of the game has lessened and that's my opinion.
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