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Default Re: Ewing and Okaley going drill sergeant on John Starks

I don't know why anyone is whining about CF86. He's exactly right. Someone brought up that technicals are handed out like candy nowadays and that's true (David Stern).

But it's true...Kevin Durant has a chip on his shoulder but it's also kinda lame. Patrick is my favorite player and he meant it. Oakley is the toughest human who's lived. You don't get it as much nowadays. Even Shaq, he relied on the fact that he's the biggest man who's ever lived. He was just a bully.

Look at Tim Duncan. He's not fiery and he's always worked within the framework of the team. He's not a guy to get out there and lead that way. But he's always brought that fire. He stays true to himself and he played with everything. Some guys put on the face. Some guys mean it. I'd like to see guys who mean it and I'd like to see fire.
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