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Default Re: If you played 40 min/game in the NBA, what would your averages be?

Originally Posted by KobesFinger

30 FG%/ 0 3Pt%/ 70 FT%

I sacrifice my scoring to play aggressive D. All of my points come in transition or from the line. I stopped playing ball for two months so I've lost my handle so I'd lose the ball a lot and I'm an ambitious passer. I can get steals because I have a 6'6 wingspan

Yeah, it's feasible that you are probably as good as a guy like Thabo Sefolosha. I mean those numbers are pretty similar to his stats, and with good defense like you said you played.

And it's also completely feasible that you, a random internet poster who is NOT in the NBA, be third in the NBA in steals per game with 2.0 if you hopped out there on the court.
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