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Default Re: Put Michael Jordan at small forward on the Lakers. They win the championship?

Originally Posted by eurobum
The difference between 45 and 50 % over the course of a season is how many makes/misses? A playoff series? An entire playoff run?

A career?

The nerd in me decided to do the math. For Kobe to have gotten to 50%, he would've had to make 1,099 more of the FGs he's attempted throughout his career. Assuming there all 2-pointers, thats about 2,198 points. The Lakers during Kobe's career have lost 455 games at an average differential of a little under 10 points per loss. That means on average if Kobe made up that 45% vs. 50% difference in the games they lost, the Lakers would've won about 220 games more. Now of course, to expect that all those shots he missed would've been made up in just those losses and that other factors of games with those differences is obviously not realistic. I'm just pointing out just how big of a deal that is, cause even if it was a quarter of that it would be a big deal.

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