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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

Miami will manage to lose this game. Just watch...


Yeah, I get what you are saying. It's just that Roy has recruited small PGs.

I don't recall Ty and Bobby playing in the same backcourt often. I think Wayne started right out of the gate and obviously he came in the same class as Ty. Even then, Bobby was recruited as a combo guard. He just had to start at PG as a frosh out of necessity. Pretty sure it was either him, Wes (who started some at SG) or Q. Not much choice there. Oh yeah, he's 6-3 and was a pest on defense before his injuries. Still wasn't that bad after he finally got healthy during his senior year.

I don't know what Dex is. He's a PG who doesn't have good passing skills or a SG who can't shoot. But again we are talking about a 6-3 guard, and he happens to be a pretty good athlete.

We will see. I do hope it works out and I really hope Britt ends up like sophomore high school self more than what he has been playing like lately. Those long highlights of his sophomore season, in arguably the very best high school league in the US, were spectacular. Not sure what has happened since... Players just don't digress like that high school. They get exposed... But I really doubt that's the case with Britt. Wouldn't make sense because now he's playing with more talent and in a weaker league.

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