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Default Re: I'm about to make a scale chart with Kevin Love/Durant/modern players next too...

here like this, I would essentially be putting everyone so that they are standing on their own heel, I would be subtracting the thickness of the pads of their shoes - it is not based on knowing "measurements" of their shoes, it is simply based on eyeballing the shoes they are wearing in the pic, because people can change their shoes - does this technique seem inherently flawed or unfair?

Oh and one more thing to add - I'm scaling the players based on the diameter of the basketball they will be holding in their hands (part of the requirements for the source images). I've cross checked if this works for accurate scaling with players who have known measurements, and I get consistently accurate results every time as long as I select images free of distortion, and make sure the basketball is on an even plane with the person (not held out far in front of them or behind them)

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