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Default Re: If you played 40 min/game in the NBA, what would your averages be?

Originally Posted by CavaliersFTW
Some of you guys must be in terrible shape right now I don't think I'd have a problem at all being "on the floor" for 40 NBA minutes I actually love conditioning - obviously out the gates I'd need a pre-season/few weeks to acclimate...
I wasn't accounting for having the opportunity to properly condition ahead of time and acclimating to the NBA pace. I was just going off the idea of a coach telling me tomorrow, "Hey, we need you to run 40 tonight." I figure, one of the most frequent things I hear from former star D1 players in their rookie years is how it's tough to acclimate themselves to the speed of the NBA game. And then there's guys like Andre Drummond who at this point of the season is still struggling to run up and down the floor at NBA speed without becoming exhausted.

I do like to consider myself to be in pretty good shape, I just know running an NBA game is different than most other ball we've ever played. I had a taste of uptempo during a tryout in the IBL, a league with a 20 second shotclock and other "quick" rules, and it was tough. Those things make a bigger difference than we think, even with the stoppages and time-outs and whatnot.
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