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Default Re: Would Gregg Popovich have the balls to bench Kobe if he was the Lakers coach?

Originally Posted by JellyBean
Heck yeah. You see that he benched Timmy, Tony P and Manu at some points in their careers. It is coaches like Pop who have that cred that can do that to stars of Kobe's status. I think B-Shaw could have benched Kobe as well.

You would never see Lawerence Frank trying to bench Kobe. All heck would break loose up in Hollywood if Frank tried to bench Kobe. You need that status. Riles could have done it.

I'll remind you that Pop had no cred/status - he had a 73-73 NBA record at the start of their first championship season. The thread they had recently on GM survey in 02-03 didn't even have Pop listed as answer to any of the coach questions. Y'all think that he was "born" with the status he has now (gained after 4 rings). DRob and Duncan ALLOWED him to coach them.
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