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Default Re: 2013 Free Agency Thread

Originally Posted by Jailblazers7
Pretty interested to see the type of money Wallace gets after a disappointing season. The Steelers could end up losing him and Mendy (almost surely gone) so our offense could look very different next year.

Losing Mendenhall will probably be an addition by subtraction type of situation. They can easily find a RB in the draft who can replace or fill a part of his production with the fraction of the cost and headaches. RB's are a dime in a dozen..

Steelers need to patch up that O-line. That o-line has been abysmal for years(don't know about this past year tbh) and they need to keep Ben healthy, it will also lead to a better running game. I don't know about the cap situation w/ the Steelers but I'd let Wallace go and go after a tackle like Albert. I also don't think Albert would be as expensive as Wallace but you never know as OT tend to get overpaid.

I think they can replace Wallace's production by getting players like Amendola or a David Nelson type of player(I know Wallace is a speedster).
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