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Default Re: Maloofs will sell Kings to group in Seattle

Originally Posted by Killbot
It could work, but I honestly don't see Stern or any owner ok'ing the Kings' 20 minority owners, besides the backstabbing Clay Bennett. It doesn't add up. Decision making becomes a real problem as 20 of those owners might have different interests in where the Kings are going, whether financial reasons or whatever.

Meanwhile, Hansen and Steve Ballmer, both very rich have enough stability for ownership of a team. Not to mention Seattle would be the 12th largest market vs Sac Kings small market (Stern likes money). Plus Stern did say before he retired, he wanted Seattle to have a team. This is one of the rare chances to make this happen.

In Feb 2014, if what he says is true and he's going to retire, it will be the EXACT time where Seattle will begin to play its first season, assuming the Kings are going to relocate. Like Woj said, Stern is a dictator. He's going to get what he wants.

I don't see the 20 plus owner thing working out, if it happens. I just hope that they close this deal soon so that we don't miss the March 1st relocation deadline. We ge the Sonics sold, relocate and back in the NBA.
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