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Default Re: Brooklyn Nets 2012-2013 Post Game Thread

Originally Posted by It's A VC3!!!
we should have had that game.there are two games I still haven't gotten over with. the loss against the wolves at home after we were up by 22 and that Knicks game. all tied up, Knicks miss but Chandler taps it back and Kidd nails a three while being fouled. if we rebounded Jr Smith's miss and not allowed Chandler to tap it back,we would have probably scored with 20 seconds left and won the game. since this series will always be talked about I would have loved to rightfully go 3-1.

Definitely. Knicks fans may complain about the lack of Felton in this one, but seriously Nets without a healthy Brook Lopez were much much more disastrous than Knicks without Felton. The Knicks won those two games, one without Lopez, the other was with Lopez barely returning from injury. So long as Lopez is healthy, we can knock out the Knicks in a playoffs series without a question. Its either 4-1(if nets has HCA) or 4-2(if knicks has HCA).

Anyway, good win tonight by the Nets. Not a beautiful victory but Id take it, considering how we are going on a road trip. Id say we rest starters against the Grizzlies and come out in full strength to take down the Rockets. We should definitely blow out the Magic, and then we prepare for the battle against Heat. We always struggle against the Heat 'cause DWade explode playing Nets all the time. No idea why this happens, but its been the story since Kidd's era and nothing has changed.
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