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Default Re: The Official Starcraft 2 Thread

Constantly evolving is not exactly a good thing. Those changes were made to address imbalance issues. Zerg have a difficult time to deal with hellions cost effectively in the early game without making extra defenses whilst the terran can secure a natural easily and a quick third maybe.

Even then these are little changes that are meant to be made after a game is released and I have no problem with that.

Maybe it's because I'm a zerg player and honestly zerg looks about the same right now. Except we will get harrassed more often, viper doesn't come out till hive tech, SH are extremely heavy investments that essentially bottle neck your other tech, mutas rendered completely useless against terran, skytoss was impossible to beat when executed properly (will see how the new 4 supply void will change it) and ultras and viper are the late game comp now due to the fact that blords are hard countered by tempest and terran's new thors.

There are obviously positives for zerg such as the viper, hydra changes, new ultra (despite losing that burrow charge which i thought was great) and maybe the new burrow research on hatch but honestly thats about it.

HOTS had so much potential when they first revealed the units but they took so much of the interesting stuff out in my opinion.

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