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Default Re: Better floor leader: Jordan or Magic?

Originally Posted by Roundball_Rock
People keep conflating taking 25 shots a game with leadership. The qualities leadership requires have no correlation to one's ability to toss a ball into a hoop. Yeah, the greater the player the greater the credibility he has, but to simply assume player's leadership skills correlates to their basketball ability ignores the realities of leadership, and indeed, human nature. For all we know the locker room leader of some teams may be the 7th man. Jordan's style of leadership was inherently limiting. It had a place--and worked well in combination with Pippen's different style--but there simply are inherent limits to a critical, harsh style of leadership. Imagine you had two co-workers: one offered you reinforcement and positive criticism to improve you while the other simply told you how much you sucked when you made a mistake? Who would you gravitate to? MJ was such a jerk that for years his teammates hated him, as was documented in the Jordan Rules. Players would move away from him on the bench when he left the game. Yet people act as if he was the basketball version of Lincoln combined with Washington?

Jordan being compared to Magic freaking Johnson on leadership is another classic example of how overrated Jordan is due to the MJ mythology.

From the Horse's Mouth, His Airness speaks:

"My father was after me all that season to pack it in when it was over. He felt my teammate didn't appreciate what I was doing for them," said Jordan, specifically referring to Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant. "I covered their **$!! when they got tight at the end of games and I had to overcome fourth-quarter deficits all by myself. It bothered my father a lot, just as it bothered me, to hear them bitchin' about not getting enough credit, or not getting enough shots, or squawking about the supposed preferential treatment I was getting from [coach] Phil Jackson 'I said to Horace, 'Why should you worry about what I'm getting now when I'm not worried about what you're going to get later?"

"They had no idea how much pressure and grief I had to put up with off the court while carrying them on the court. I wanted them to find out for themselves how tough it was to be on their own," Jordan underlined. "Scottie found out the hard way what it's like to be under the microscope 24 hours a day. "For the first half of the season he did great carrying the team, the second half not so great. Sitting at the end of Game 3 against the Knicks was the worst thing he could've done. I don't think he'll ever live that down."

-scottie a team leader is a HOAX:

-begging Krause for trade to seattle for big contract in 1995, 1996, 1997

-Magic, MJ & Bird were never like that. They were too loyal to Lakers, Bulls & celtics respectively.
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